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Stethoscope Car Cylinder Carbon Dioxide Detector

Stethoscope Car Cylinder Carbon Dioxide Detector

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Car Automobile Stethoscope Engine Mechanics Diagnostic Listen Noise Probe Tool

*PERFECT DESIGNE: Stethoscope Kit is designed to detect and locate sources of abnormal noise, which have original standard design, perfect match to the original car. You can directly replace for your old or broken Cylinder Stethoscope.

*DRIVING SAFETY: Engine Tester, shockproof handle and sound amplification chamber can effectively locate trouble spots within the engine block or anywhere when trying to locate rattles, which help the driver to judge the condition of the engine and ensure your driving safety.

*CORROSION RESISTANT: Auto Mechanics Cylinder Stethoscope is made of stainless-steel material, which is rust, corrosion resistant and durable. You can use the stethoscope to monitor parts that produce abnormal sounds and perform repairs to help you complete the work faster.

*WIDELY USED: You can use a stethoscope to monitor the parts that produce abnormal sounds, which can be used to monitor engines, bearings, motors, chassis, gearboxes, etc., to check gearboxes, transfer cases, Valve mechanism, rear axle and engine.

*EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Car Engine Diagnostic Hearing Tool have professional manufacturing, precise testing, and stable performance. Excellent technicians can help you detect and locate abnormal noise sources.

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