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Industrial Endoscope Camera 4.3inch IPS Screen IP67 Waterproof HD1080P 8mm

Industrial Endoscope Camera 4.3inch IPS Screen IP67 Waterproof HD1080P 8mm

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• High-Resolution Camera :Capture clear and detailed images with the 1080P HD camera, perfect for inspecting pipes and sewers.

• IP67 Waterproof :Designed to be waterproof to IP67 standard, this endoscope is ideal for underwater inspections.

• 4.3inch IPS Screen :The endoscope features a 4.3inch IPS screen, providing vibrant colors and wide viewing angles for superior image quality.

• 8mm Lens :Equipped with an 8mm lens, this endoscope can reach into tight spaces for comprehensive inspections.

• Versatile Usage :From car inspections to pipeline maintenance, this endoscope is a versatile tool for various applications.

• Brand Reliability :Produced by INSKAM, a trusted brand from Mainland China, ensuring high-quality and durability.

• Long Battery Life :With a 2000mAh battery, the camera can last for hours on a single charge, making it perfect for long inspections or repairs.


1.4.3 inch Inch Screen/2.4inch

2. IP67 Waterproof Camera.

3. Build-In 2000mah Battery For 3-5 Hours Working Time.

4. Hand-Held Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Operation. Rigid Cable Can Easily Shape What You Need.

5. Equipped With Adequate Accessories, Hook, Magnet, Which Can Adapt To A Variety Of Environments


Cable Length:1m/5m/10

Monitor: 4.3-inch color IPS screen/2.4inch

Camera Resolution: 1920*1080

Horizontal Viewing Angle: 70°

Focal Length:4-10cm

Waterproof level: IP67 (only for lens cable)

Lens Diameter: 8mm/5.5mm

Battery: 1 * Lithium Battery, 3.7V, 2000mah

LED light: 8PCs for 8mm lens camera


1.Car overhaul.
2.Check water leak in wall.
3.Check gas tank.
4.Check drain pipe in shower.
5.Check hydraulic leak.
6.Find out tiny spots that need fixing.

Package includes:

inspection camera*1

packing box*1

instruction manual *1

charging cable *1

hook + magnet + side view mirror

Handheld Industrial Endoscope

2.9cm short lens narrow pipe inspection

4.3 inch IPS screen
2.9cm short lens
IP67 waterproof

4.3inch IPS Screen 178° Viewing Angle

1080P HD Pixel Lens

2000mAH Battery 3.5H

Solve a variety of use needs

for machine inspection/for pipes wall cavities/for poor condition

1080P HD Camera

High definition pixels allow you to see details clearly

Waterproof Inspection Camera

The endoscope has excellent waterproof performance and can be used in pools, pipes and rainwater, even in bad weather

and humid environment, the endoscope can easily do the job.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The 2600mAh capacity battery enables the endoscope camera with light to be charged for 2-3 hours and can

be used for 2-5 hours. In addition, the convenient USB charging method is adopted to bid farewell to the trouble

of difficult charging

Standard hard line

Accessories Usage

Wide Range Of Application

Inspection camera do not require WIFI, mobile phones and APPs, and are ideal assistants for your industrial

work. The plumbing camera that perfectly combines convenience, beauty, practicality, waterproof and

other properties can make your work easier.Drain pipe cameras can be widely used for mechanical inspection,

auto repair, plumbing, housework, wall, chimney or air conditioning maintenance.

Package includes:

inspection camera with light *1

packing box*1

instruction manual *1+

charging cable *1

hook + magnet + side view mirror

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