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HW300PRO Auto Thickness

HW300PRO Auto Thickness

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2023 HW-300PRO Auto Thickness Gauge Digital Coating Car Paint Tester 0.1micron/0-2000 Car Paint Film Thickness Tester Measuring


Product Name: HW-300PRO Coating Thickness Gauge

Material: ABS

Product size: 122MM*50MM*22MM

Power supply: 2 1.5V AAA batteries (battery not included)

Probe: F probe, N probe

Magnetic induction: Measuring principle(F), Eddy current effect(N)

Measuring range: 0-2000UM

Measurement accuracy: ±(3% 1UM)

Operating temperature: -10°C50°C

Accessories: Thickness Gauge 1PCS Manual Calibration Sheet


Ultra-precision resolution 1um, FE/NFE coating measurement, automotive paint 0-2000um

Small size and high precision

battery level indicator

Automatic shutdown function

for FE/NFE

Measurement step

Step 1. Prepare the parts to be tested.

Step 2. Stay away from the metal object at least 2 cm, press the switch key to turn on.

Note: it is suggested that the instrument should be zeroed with reference to "zero calibration" before


Step 3. The probe is placed vertically and quickly on the surface to be measured until the drop is heard,

and the measured value is displayed on the screen, and then the probe is lifted at least 2 cm away from

the part to be measured, and the next measurement can be carried out.

Note: if the automatic shutdown function is turned on and there is no operation within 3 minutes, the

instrument will automatically shut down


This product is mainly used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coating on metal surface, as well as the thickness of non-ferromagnetic coating on ferromagnetic metal (such as iron, nickel, cobalt, etc.), such as paint thickness on automobile surface, coating thickness of metal parts and so on. This product also has built-in magnetic induction and vortex double principle probe, can automatically identify the measured metal substrate, only need to be placed on the measured surface, can automatically calculate the thickness of the coating.

1The thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of the plated and coated sheet on metal, e.g. paint/enamel/ on steel, paint and anodizing coating on aluminum

2The measuring range is 0-2000UM.

3The gauge takes the precision integrated probe, and uses principles of electro-magnetic induction and the eddy current effect, which automatically detects the attribute of substrates.

4The Gauge is designed for non-destructively measuring the thickness of coating and painting.

5It is essential for material surface treatment and widely used in manufacturing industry, metal-processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection area, and also able to work steadily in the laboratory, workshop and outdoor.

Package Included:

1 x Thickness gauge

1 x Manual

7 x Calibration sheet

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