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Car Polisher Handheld Wireless Polisher

Car Polisher Handheld Wireless Polisher

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Speed Range: 2000rpm

Applicable Wheel Diameter Range: 75mm

Choice: yes


• Wireless and Handheld :The wireless and handheld feature of this car polisher makes it easy to use and maneuver, allowing you to reach all areas of your car's body.

• Power Tool :This car polisher is a powerful tool that can quickly and efficiently remove scratches and imperfections from your car's body, leaving it looking like new.

• Car Body Cleaning :The car body cleaning feature of this polisher ensures that your car's body is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for waxing, giving it a shiny and new look.

• Waxing Repair :This car polisher is not only used for cleaning but also for waxing repair, which means it can help restore your car's original shine and luster.


High speed, high efficiency with low noise, fine durability and provides long service time.
Heat radiation holes design, with fine heat radiation effect.
Self-adhesive grinding disc for change it quickly and easily.
Suitable for cars, floor waxing, metal descaling, furniture waxing, etc..


Name: Car Polisher
Product Features: Car Waxing and Polishing
Product Material: Zn/Fe/Cu/PC/ABS
Product color: gunmetal gray + Black
Rotation speed: 2000rpm
Battery: 5C 2000mAh*2
Charging port: DC5.0*2.1
Maximum power: 84W
Battery current: 10A
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Endurance time: more than 30 minutes
Wax tray fixing: Velcro
Self-adhesive grinding disc diameter: 75mm
Item Size: 174*41*156mm
Casting disc: flat disc + wave disc + short hair disc
Applicable scenes: car paint waxing, car paint polishing, glass polishing, floor waxing

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