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Car paint ceramic nanocoat liquidcoat Anti-scratch

Car paint ceramic nanocoat liquidcoat Anti-scratch

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Item Volume: 100ml 12ml 30ml

Function 1: liquid car glass

Function 2: polish wax

Function 3: car liquid ceramic coat

Function 4: ceramic coating

Function 5: waterproof


Car paint ceramic nanocoat liquidcoat Anti-scratch Super Hydrophobic Polish Car Coating Polish Wax Paint Care Set 100*12*30ml


Product Name: Type-E Set
Product Concentration: crystallization 98.5%
Ingredient: Solvent-free SiO2
Maintenance time: 3 years crystal paint protection or 1-2 years gloss water repellence.
Application: It is applicable to the coating paint, headlamps, steel wheel axles, hard plastic parts inside and outside, peach wood, chrome metal parts, etc. It can't be used for glass, fabric, and tires.


Please keep the product away from the direct sunlight for the storage. Gently shake it up before the use. Please house it in the places with low temperature and low humidity, because it can get hard easily under the higher temperature (30 degrees Celsius) or high humidity. It's recommended to shake the liquid gently if you haven't used it for a long time. Keep it away from the fire resources and out of reach of children. Drinking it is prohibited. Once you open it, please use it up as soon as possible, and you aren't suggested to use the remaining product next time.

Package Included:
1 x Car surface coating TYPE-E 12ml

1 x Car dereasing agent 100ml

1 x Car surface coating mainten liquid 30ml

1 x Sponge rub

1 x Super fiber towels

1 x Small rag

If you need a construction video, please feel free to contact me and tell me your email address. Thank you

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