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30*30cm 1pcs Car Wash Towel

30*30cm 1pcs Car Wash Towel

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Material Type: Microfiber Cloth Towel

Item Length: 30inch

Item Width: 30inch



30*30cm 1pcs Car Wash Towel Hemming  Car Care Detailing Polishing Wash Cleaning Drying Cloth

Production Description
100% Brand new and hight quality
Material: Coral fleece/Coral velvet
1.Because of the size measurements are handmade, so there may be 0.1-0.5 inch error.
2.please understand because of the light irradiation or computer display difference, so I can't guarantee photos and real color is 100% the same.
[product introduction]
Microfiber is, in recent years, the rapid development of differential fiber a, known as a new generation of synthetic fiber, chemical fiber to the high technology, high simulation of typical representative of the direction of development of new synthetic fiber. Superfine fiber specific surface area is large, so microfiber fabric covering high, specific surface area fibers make contact with the dust or oil times more, and oil seeping from the fiber surface gap of opportunity more, so it has strong cleaning function, superfine fiber fabrics can deep into the pores of the skin, and can effectively remove dirt, oil and dead skin, cosmetics residues.
[product features]
1, high water absorbent: superfine fiber by orange petal type filament will be divided into eight petal, the fiber surface area is increased in the, woven fabric pores increase, by capillary core pumping effect and enhance the effect of water absorption, quick absorption and fast varying does for its remarkable characteristic.
2, strong detergency: diameter 0.4um micro fiber fineness level is 1 / 10 of silk and its special cross section can more effectively capture ranging from a few microns dust particles, decontamination, to the effect of the oil is very obvious.
3, no hair removal: high-strength synthetic fiber filament, not easy to break. At the same time, the use of concise weave, not spinning, not off the ring, fibers are not easy to shed from the surface of the towel.
Package included: 
1pcs Car Drying Towel

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